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Sarah Matney


Doula Description

It is my goal to provide you and your family genuine, personal, and meaningful support throughout pregnancy, birth, and, early postpartum. It has not necessarily been a linear path that brought me into birth work, but it has been a clear one.  

I believe each of my choices and experiences have culminated and built off each other to guide me toward becoming a doula. I appreciate all the aspects that are a part of being a doula, and I value the advocacy and empowerment that are inherent in the work.  

It is important to me to provide evidence-based information to my clients, and through the mutual respect grown, trust in how that information is used and manifested surrounding the birth experience.  

I want every pregnant person to feel prepared to face the wonderfully challenging reality of birth with trust in their body and confidence in their intuition, regardless of the path that labor takes.

Above all, I strive to unconditionally and non-judgmentally support my client through this sacred and transformative event.

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Birth Support Package

  • Complementary Meet andGreet
  • Pregnancy support: The form of communication may include email, text, or phone conversation.
  • 1-2 Prenatal appointments
  • Labor and Birth Support (client and doula will be in contact by phone and make the decision together as to when the doula shall join the client, knowing it will take the doula 1-2 hours to arrive)
  • One in-person Postpartum visit within 1st month postpartum
  • On-call starting at 38 weeks

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