Seattle Birth Doulas Team

Welcome, and thank you for your interest! We invite you to take some time to familiarize yourself with our dedicated team of birth doulas by reading through their bios. We're excited to meet you virtually for our Doula Meet and Greet.

This Doula Meet and Greet is a unique opportunity to meet with a doula, get to know one another, and discuss our range of comprehensive birth doula services designed with your needs in mind.

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  • Adde Breier - Seattle Birth Doulas

    Adde Breier


    Giving birth is life-changing. Whether or not you’ve experienced pregnancy and birth before, it is often full of mixed feelings. Having a trusted support system and feeling well cared for are important for having a satisfying birthing experience.

  • Kylie Tschida - Seattle Birth Doulas

    Kylie Tschida


    Birth is a normal, healthy process, and individuals should be supported with encouraging and compassionate care to help you achieve not only a healthy birth but a good experience. My goal is to help you achieve an empowering and satisfying birth experience and will always remind you that no matter the way you birth - You are strong, you are capable, and you are the perfect parent for your baby.

  • Sarah Matney - Seattle Birth Doulas

    Sarah Matney


    I'm dedicated to offering genuine support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum journey. As a doula, I provide evidence-based information to help you confidently navigate your unique path to childbirth. My goal is to unconditionally support you during this transformative event.

    Please note: Due to a current affiliation, not currently accepting clients planning to birth at Swedish Hospitals.

  • Hannah Rapp - Seattle Birth Doulas

    Hannah Rapp


    We never forget the birth of our babies. Given the significance of each of our own reproductive journeys, I will partner with you to ensure you have the information and support you need to feel prepared for your birth.

    Sliding scale payment available. Booking clients due in May 2024 and beyond

  • Katy Carter - Seattle Birth Doulas

    Katy Carter


    Supporting families as they grow and change is the best part of my job. I love taking care of families and watching them birth and parent from a place of abundance. We all get to be our best when we have the resources we need.

    Please note: Due to a current affiliation, not currently accepting clients planning to birth at Swedish Hospitals.

  • Jen Laird - Seattle Birth Doulas

    Jen Laird


    Jen Laird brings 16-plus years of experience to support birthing families and doulas. In addition, she specializes in Postpartum Doula support. To learn more, please visit the Postpartum Doula link

  • Nazma Noray - Seattle Birth Doulas

    Nazma Noray


    Hello, I'm Nazma! As a doula, I'm your advocate, your confidant, and your guide through one of life's most transformative journeys: pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Imagine embarking on the incredible journey of bringing new life into this world, feeling empowered every step of the way. It's a time of immense joy, anticipation, and perhaps a touch of nervousness. But you don't have to navigate this journey alone. That's where I come in.

    Sliding scale and need based pricing available

  • Hayley Mckie - Seattle Birth Doulas

    Hayley Mckie


    Everyone deserves to feel cared for during the transitional and impactful moments in their life. I am a full-spectrum doula, offering support to people and families across the spectrum of pregnancy and postpartum, including pre-conception, birth, abortion, loss, adoption, and surrogacy.