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Katy Carter


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Making your own choices about birth is empowering. A good doula can help you investigate your preferences. When you have all of the information and time that you need, what do you want? As a birth doula trained in Spinning Babies, I bring curiosity, knowledge, and experience with me to every birth. I I believe you can be healthy at every size and love to support all kinds of birthing people and families. Whatever your growing family looks like, you are welcome here.

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Birth Support Package

  • Includes two prenatal meetings to get to know each other and talk about your birth plan
  • Continuous labor support
  • One postpartum meeting to tell your birth story and share referrals for any continuing support you may need.

Birth and Postpartum Resources

Navigating your journey through pregnancy, birth, and beyond with our resources and guides.

Why Choose a Doula Collective
Building Connections and Support

Why Choose a Doula Collective

At Seattle Birth Doulas, we create a nurturing community for doulas to collaborate, seek advice, and process experiences, allowing them to focus on providing exceptional support to clients. Our doulas receive professional development and guidance from seasoned mentors, ensuring confidence and quality in our services

You're Pregnant! Getting to know this changing version of yourself.
Vulnerability & Growth in Pregnancy

You're Pregnant! Getting to know this changing version of yourself.

Congratulations! You're pregnant! Embrace vulnerability, trust yourself, and be kind during this transformative journey. Experience emotions, share your story, and surround yourself with supportive connections, allowing personal growth as you prepare to welcome the new life growing within you.