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What is a doula?

Growing a human is just the start of the amazing adventure of parenthood.

What is a doula?


We get it, pregnancy, birth, and having a tiny newborn who is fully dependent on you is a huge life shift. It can be difficult to "know what you don't know" or come up with questions you're not sure you have! Birth and Postpartum Doulas provide emotional and informational support to help new parents navigate the unknowns of labor and delivery and help take the mystery out of newborn behavior.

Research shows that having birth doula support improves health outcomes and satisfaction. Continuous support, reassurance, knowledge of positions to help you get your baby down and out, and encouragement that you can do this are just a few examples of why new parents find the presence of a doula truly makes a difference.

Unbiased Support

Doulas can help connect expecting parents with evidence-based information and resources that can aid in decision-making throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

A doula supports YOU in making the best decisions for you. People make the best decisions with the information they currently have—not what we thought was going to happen. We believe every parent's experience is unique, and there is no one "right" way to approach pregnancy and parenthood.

Your decisions regarding pain management, interventions, tests, or pain medications are yours to make, and a doula can help you tease out your thoughts. Whether the birth is taking place at a birth center, at home, or at the hospital.

Personalized Care

Doulas provide personalized, non-medical support. They want to understand your individual needs, preferences, goals, and birth plans. Think you may be in labor? Your doula can help. Wondering about how to encourage the baby into an optimal position or feel more comfortable during labor? We help guide you every step of the way.

Research Says

Research has shown that having a doula can lead to shorter labor, fewer medical interventions, and lower rates of C-sections and other complications. Additionally, many people report feeling more empowered and confident in their ability to give birth when they have the support of a doula.

Doulas help reduce the need for medical interventions such as cesarean births.

Postpartum Support

You don't need to wait 6 weeks to talk to someone about your birth. All Seattle Birth Doulas offer an in-home visit after delivery. This gives you the chance to process your birth experience, answer normal newborn questions, and give some tips for life with a newborn.

Additional Support: Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula specializes in assisting a new family in interpreting and understanding your newborn's behavior, helping parents (or baby!) get some sleep, and assisting in household tasks such as meal prep, laundry, and light cleaning. Need assistance with breast or bottle feeding, nervous about bathing your baby, or just needing reassurance, this is absolutely the job description of a postpartum doula. See Jen's doula page for more information about her services.

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